Congratulations to Kimco Realty for installing 
THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  -  Standard  at the CITY MD URGENT CARE location on Sunrise Highway, Copaigue, New York.

Congratulations to Forte Properties for the installation of 
THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Expandable 2 at the
Dunkin' Donuts store located on Portion Road, Ronkonkoma, New York.

Congratulations to The Village of Farmingdale on their recent purchase of 
THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Standard, now installed
at the Farmingdale Fire Department,
Farmingdale, New York.

Congratulations to Kimco Realty for installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  - Expandable 6 and two THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Standard at Airport Plaza, Farmingdale, New York. 

Congratulations to BECO Construction, of Chesapeake, Virginia for installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Standard  at a Suffolk, Virginia location.

Congratulations to the University of Texas for installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Expandable 2
at the University in Austin, Texas. 
Thanks to Construction Rent-A-Fence Inc., of Taylor, Texas for a successful installation.

Congratulations to Platinum General Services, of Carteret, New Jersey,  for installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Mini  at a client location.

Congratulations to Kimco Realty on five THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Mini installations at Jericho Commons Center, Jericho, New York.


Congratulations to Starbucks on installing THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Standard at Larkfield Road, East Northport, New York. 

Congratulations to Party City on THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Expandable 2 installation at Sunrise Highway, Islip, New York. 

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® was developed and introduced to property managers and owners to protect their dumpster enclosures from the inevitable accidents and carelessness of others. After years of enduring the hassle and the recuring cost of repairs, these property managers and owners are now... 

"Taking Control Back."

The average cost of repairing or replacing a damaged dumpster enclosure is between $1,500 - $7,000 with no guarantees that the same damage will not occur again.

Broken Dumpster Enclosure - Starbucks Babylon

THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  prevents these problems!
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"Most people spend more time and energy going around problems than in trying to solve them."  Henry Ford

THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  was enthusiastically received at the NJLM 104th Annual League Conference in Atlantic City, New Jersey.   Thank you to the many attendees who stopped by our booth to learn more about our product and the benefits of "Taking Control Back!"  

We look forward to talking with all of you again!  

Thank you to the many members of the Community Association Institute (CAI) who stopped by our booth to see THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  on display at the 13th Annual CAI - Long Island Trade Show, October, 2019.  We enjoyed the enthusiastic response to our product and look forward to working with many of the community associations.

Our booth at the HIA-LI Business Show at SCCC gave us an excellent opportunity to talk with our Long Island neighbors about the benefits of  THE DUMPSTER GUARD®.  Thanks to the many visitors who stopped by our booth.  

THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  was enthusiastically received at Waste Expo.  We thank the many visitors we met at our booth.  Everyone acknowledged the need for "Taking Control Back" of the dumpster enclosure area and recognized the cost savings benefit of THE DUMPSTER GUARD®                                                                                          

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® continues to reach out to the readers of HAULER Magazine.  Look for our advertisement in the May, 2019 issue.

We are proud to have had THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  featured in the March, 2018 issue of Waste Advantage magazine as a breakthrough and innovative product for the waste management industry.

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Watch this video!  The above video demonstrates the frequency of dumpster arson fires.  



WINTERS BROTHERS driver demonstrates how how to pick up and replace containers in:

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® - Expandable 6 

THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  thanks the U.S. Patent Office for issuing    

Patent No. D806,268 S on December 26, 2017.  

Patent Pending in Canada.                          

Property managers and owners are aware that the most overlooked piece of their properties is the dumpster enclosure. THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  is designed to provide maximum protection of masonry enclosures and surrounding structures. The additional expense of bollard installation still leaves the surrounding walls vulnerable to inevitable damage.  Our product provides full protection of the three surrounding walls of the enclosure. Container removal and replacement is strictly controlled and the potential for enclosure damage is greatly reduced.

THE DUMPSTER GUARD®  is constructed from schedule 40 steel tubing with reinforced connections, designed to resist re-occurring impacts. Powder coated for protection from the elements, THE DUMPSTER GUARD® is assembled with Grade 5 hardened bolts and anchored by 32, 3/4” x 4 1/4" masonry sleeve anchors (for concrete installation). Bright orange plow markers (optional) prevent                         THE DUMPSTER GUARD®   from being unnoticed by motorists and snow plows. It will maintain control of the “floating” container for those properties not requiring enclosures and aid in the prevention of damage caused by potential vandalism and arson. 

THE DUMPSTER GUARD® is available in three sizes - Standard, Expandable and Mini.  The Standard accommodates containers up to 8 yards.  The Expandable accommodates multiple 8 yard containers.  The Mini accommodates up to 4 yard containers.  Custom sizes are available upon request.

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