The Dumpster Guard - Mini

TDG - 012115 - M
  • accommodates containers up to 4 yards
  • commonly used for control in parking lots
  • schedule 40, steel 3.5" tube construction
  • weather resistant, powder coated safety yellow
  • supplied with grade 5 hardware
  • NOTE:  Please select Shop-Accessories to order plow
    markers, touch-up paint, additional sleeve anchors or
             rebar anchor bolts at competitive prices.
  • Shipping in the continental United States is included.
  • Please see the link to TDG SHIPPING TERMS AND CONDITIONS on the Home Page for special delivery instructions.

$2,395.00 /Each.
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Asphalt Installation
  • *For Asphalt Installation, please refer to Accessories: 3/4” x 12” galvanized rebar anchors for purchase.*


THE DUMPSTER GUARDTM - Mini is designed to provide maximum protection of masonry enclosures and surrounding structures.  Constructed of schedule 40, 3.5" steel tubing and powder coated for protection from the elements, THE DUMPSTER GUARDTM - Mini can accommodate containers up to 4 yards.

How does The Dumpster GuardTM - Mini ship?

The Dumpster GuardTM - Standard, weight = 400 lbs.

Ships from our manufacturing plant on a wooden pallet measuring 102” x 28,” secured with 9/16 lag bolts. Frames are carefully wrapped and protected by 12 mil wrap for shipping.